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What is the best recording software?

Everyone always argues about what the best recording studio software is. There many to choose from including Pro Tools, Logic, Reason, Cakewalk, Cubase and more. They all are fine to record music and vocals but some have better music production qualities about them. Pro Tools is a powerhouse and an industry standard. Reason will record tracks and is wonderful with sequencing and music production. Honestly when it comes down to it they are all basically the same sound wise. Some are just easier to use without prior knowledge and some have a bit more features and plug-ins. It is just up to the engineer to mix the song and make it sound good. Any that are decent will cost some money so be prepared to spend some money. Also, be sure to have above and beyond any system requirements because these programs require a ton of CPU power. It is smart to have any computer you use for music recording to be just used for that. You should also install a second hard drive to store any song files.

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