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Songwriting Tips

Writing songs can be easy or hard depending on your situation. When the moment is right, a song will come pouring out of you so easily, but other times when writers block hits, it will be so hard to write anything.
For times like that it is best to just put the song away for a bit and come back to it.
Other tools you can use to get your lyrics flowing are buying a rhyming dictionary. You can even find websites that will find words that rhyme for you. It can be helpful at times. There have been songs I started writing that I never finished because I just was not satisfied with the lyrics I was thinking of. I may have put it away for six months and then come back to it and finish it with fresh ideas. I have even began writing another song and needed ideas, so I go back to unfinished songs in my stock pile, and combine them to make one full song.

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