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MXL V63M Condenser Microphone

This microphone is excellent for vocals. For only being $99.00 it is well worth the money. You will be surprised at the warmth it brings to your recordings. The quality is as good as a $500 condenser microphone. It is encased in a brass shell and has a cardioid pick up pattern. It also comes with a shock-mount. The day I bought it I recorded 12 vocal tracks for an R&B song I was producing. The mic held its own and the vocals were very clear. Once I added compression and EQ, it sounded as if I used a high quality expensive mic. This is worth checking out. Check out the link to view it at Guitar Center.
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  1. Torrio, Thanks for posting. I bought this mic last summer and have recorded two CD's with it. It IS an awesome vocal recording device.... and thanks for recommending the Internet Radio station to me. They have been spinning my music.
    Thanks, and keep up your good music.


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