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How a patchbay works

A patchbay can be a wonderful addition to your recording studio. Whether you have a DAW studio, or an analog studio with a mixing board, they will work wonders. A patchbay does not need to be powered, and it will save time and clutter. It basically routes signals to where you want them to go. A patchbay is rack mountable and consists of rows of jacks. These jacks are aligned in dual rows on top of each other going across the length of the patchbay. Each row usually has 24 jacks. The purpose of these connections is to plug in all the gear and inputs / outputs into the back that you often use while recording or mixing. You can then use short patch cables in front to route the signals to and from all your equipment where you want them to go. It saves time because you do not have to keep unplugging cables in the back of you mixer or DAW because everything stay plugged in through the back of the patchbay. You can label the front of the patchbay so you know what each pair of jacks are. It is extremely useful and not too expensive to buy.

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