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Things indie musicians need to be aware of

There are some things indie musicians should be aware of if you want to make a solid business from your music. Keep in mind that music is 90% business and 10% show.

1. Publishing- There are two parts to publishing, writers share and publishers share. You own both parts if you write a song by yourself. You can split part of the publishers income if you decide to sign with a publishing company. What they do is find placement for your music whether it be in a film, TV show or another artist recording your song. A song generates money for the writer(s) when it appears on an album, gets played on the radio, used in a TV show or movie, gets sold as sheet music, or used as a ringtone. It is a complicated subject but worth doing research on.

2. Copyright- You must Copyright your music. It is simple to do and worth it so someone does not steal your music. It is just a matter of sending it in to The Library Of Congress with the proper forms.

3. Marketing and Promotion - Learn the difference between the two. Marketing has to do with your target audience and promotion has to do with spreading the word to these people. Of course there is a lot more to it so do research.

4. Entertainment Lawyer - Eventually you will need one. Once you start getting into heavy contracts you should consider one so you are protected.

5. Surround yourself with good and trustworthy people - The company you keep could be the best or worst thing for your career. It is a generally a bad idea to hire "friends" and family" to do things a professional in the music industry should be doing.

6. Business Plans - Every business should have one and should stick to it. Then you revise it as time goes on to fit your business needs. It is basically an outline of what your business will accomplish. Do research on it.

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