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Making a career as a recording artist

Here is a bit of advice for those wanting a career as a recording artist. Always remember that people do not owe you anything. Do not expect to get everything for free. Just because you are a "musician" doesn't mean you do not have to work your way up and pay dues. Just because you and your friends think your music is incredible does not mean you are a "superstar". The same goes when promoting your own music to radio. If the program director blows you off or doesn't play your music all that much, do not take it personal. It is just the way it is. Program directors here the same crap from every musician out there that his/her music is better than everyone else and blah blah blah. Do not get mad, threaten and burn bridges. Always be persistent, but do not make an idiot of yourself. Be persistent, creative and pleasant. This is a business and you will get treated with respect if you act like a business man! A career is music is a tough nut to crack.

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