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Korg MicroStation Synth Workstation keyboard

This Korg Microstation is a 61-key Compact Synth Workstation with 120-voice Polyphony and weighs under 6lbs. It comes with 480 sounds built in and has a sequencer and an SD card slot for saving your work. It is a power house and you will not be let down.

It is well worth the price of $500. For more info visit Korg at www.korg.com.

Here are the facts:
  • Keyboard: 61 mini-key Natural Touch keyboard; Velocity-sensing
  • Programs: 512 Programs/480 Preloaded
  • Combinations: 384 Combinations/256 Preloaded
  • Drum Kits: 48 Drum Kits/25 Preloaded
  • GM Sound set: 256 GM2 Programs + 9 GM2 Drum Programs
  • Modes: Combination, Program, Sequencer, Global/Media
  • Sound Engine: EDS-i (Enhanced Definition Synthesis - integrated)
  • Preset PCM: 49 MB (when calculated as 16-bit linear data)
  • 360 multisamples, 484drum samples (including 24 stereo)
  • Maximum Polyphony: 120 Voices max, single mode, 60 voices max, double mode
  • Oscillators: OSC1 (Single), OSC1+2 (Double): Stereo multisamples are supported, 4 velocity zones per oscillator, with switching, crossfades and layers.
  • Filters: 4 types of filter routing, 2 multi-mode filters per voice
  • Modulation: 2 envelope generators for each voice, two LFOs, two key tracking generators (Filter & Amp), and two AMS mixers, In addition, pitch EG, common LFO, and two common key tracking generators
  • Combinations: Up to 16 timbres, keyboard and velocity split/layer/crossfade, and modifications to the program setting via the Tone Adjust function
  • Drum Kits: Stereo and mono drum samples, 4-way velocity switches with crossfades and adjustable crossfade shapes (Linear, Power, Layer).
  • 5 Insert Effects: In-line processing; stereo in - stereo out
  • 2 Master Effects: Two effects sends; stereo in - stereo out
  • Effects types: 134 types
  • Modulation: Dynamic modulation, tempo sync delay, LFO
  • Effects Control Bus: Stereo side-chaining for limiter, gates, vocoders, etc.
  • Dual Polyphonic Arpeggiators
  • Program mode: One arpeggiator available
  • Combination and Sequencer modes: Two arpeggiators available
  • Arpeggio Patterns: 5 preset; 640 user arpeggio patterns (512 preload)
  • Audition Riff function: 383 audition riffs, transposable
  • Sequencer: 16 MIDI Tracks & 1 Master Track
  • Songs: 128 Songs
  • Resolution: 480 ppq (parts per quarter-note)
  • Tempo: 40.00-300.00 bpm (1/100 bpm resolution)
  • Memory: Up to 210,000 MIDI events
  • Grid Sequence: Allows creation of sequence loops for drums etc., with up to 64 grids per note
  • Template songs: 16 preset/16 user template songs
  • Format:
  • Korg (microSTATION) format, SMF (formats 0 and 1) supported
  • Controllers: Joystick
  • Audio Outputs: Output, L/Mono, R: 6.3 mm monaural phone jack (unbalanced)
  • Headphone output: 3.5 mm stereo mini-phone jack
  • Control Inputs: DAMPER/PEDAL/SW jack x 1, half-damper supported
  • MIDI: In, Out
  • USB: 1 USB (Type B), MIDI interface
  • SD-Card slot: Capacity recognized: FAT32: 2 Gigabytes (GB). SDHC memory cards are not supported
  • Power: AC adapter power supply connector (DC 9V 1700mA), POWER On/Off switch
  • Dimensions: 30.63" x 8.27" x 3.23"
  • Weight: 5.73lbs
  • AC adapter included

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