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How to EQ vocals

When I first started recording and mixing, I has a hard time with EQ. I thought there was some standard rule of how vocals should sound when equalized. The truth is that you yourself need to just use your ears and do what you think sounds good and overtime you will perfect your sound through trial and error. Just remember a few simple tips. Too much EQ can ruin any track. Keep it simple. Giving vocals a little high end boost can make them sound bright and clear at around 12 kHzFor a little extra clarity and presence, try gently boosting between 4kHz and 6kHz. A little low end boost for high pitch vocalists to give the vocals a little bass. Always compress your vocals as well. EQ and compression together give vocals that magic sound that you have always heard on your favorite albums that you listened to over and over. Keep in mind all voices are different. Practice the art of cutting frequencies instead of boosting. By cutting some high end for example, you make the lower end stand out more. It takes practice to do this but if you get it down your mixes will sound amazing without having to boost sound.

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