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Does giving away free music increase album sales?

There is a trend going on now in the music industry that giving away a few singles or even a whole pre-album before the "real" album can increase record sales. This might be true in the sense that if you give away some music free, you will get fans and potential fans aware of your forthcoming album. I think it is a great idea to give maybe a single away free on itunes or a CD single away in stores but always know your worth. Do not give too much away for free. Your music is basically a product that you are trying to make money off of. Bottom line---THIS IS A BUSINESS.

 Yes, we all love the music and it is an art, but if you want to make a living doing it, the you must realize that it is a business. You can even give away CD singles at shows or offer a free download of your lead single on your website. If you have good product, they will buy the rest of the album.

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