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Writing a bio for recording artists and musicians

A bio is short for biography which will give a brief history of your career as a musician.
When writing your bio you want to keep it about one page long and simple. Start off with your name and a few lines about where you grew up. Talk about things you have accomplished in music and anyone significant you may have worked with or opened up for.
Avoid the following:
*Too many capital letters. Type it out normally.
*Avoid spelling and punctuation errors.
*Avoid slang.
*Avoid using words like "dat" instead of that or "da" for the. Look as professional as possible.
*Be humble. Do not bill yourself as the "best in the whole world". It sounds ridiculous.

Keep it nice and to the point. You can add your past album releases and and newspaper or radio stations you have been on. You can put that stuff at the bottom.
Johnny Blac has been feature in or on the following:
The Free Press
Channel 6 news
The LTD News
and so on..........................................

Artists and bands be sure to submit your music at these radio networks.
www.hardcorejamz.com (Playing Hip-Hop and R&B)
www.hardcoremix.com (Rock,Pop,Country,Jazz,Electro,Gospel and more)
Submit music on either site


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