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Should you stay an independent artist?

Is it better to be signed to a major label or is it better to be independent? If you have a large enough fan following then you could easily make more money than you would being a signed artist.
If you sell 100,000 units independent, you will probably make half a million dollars after expenses compared to selling 100,000 units signed will probably make you less than 80,000 and possibly dropped from your label. Being an indie is also good because you get to keep all of your publishing, show money and merchandise money. Being signed does have many perks as well. First thing is major labels have a wonderful promo and marketing machine behind them that can make you famous within a month, but that does not mean you will sell a ton of albums. They will also give you more opportunities with song placement on major movies and TV. Plus you will usually get an advance but any money you get upfront has to be recouped by record sales. So if you do not sell enough albums then you will owe the record label that money they fronted you.

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