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How to get song placement in Television

Getting one of your songs used on a TV show can be hard to do. It is easier to get placement on a reality TV show these days. They also will usually go for unsigned or indie artists and bands because it cuts down on the cost of licensing a major act. Reality TV is known for being low budget so this works for them. It is a great situation if you can get placement on a reality TV show because once you get one, you pretty much have your foot in the door to get more. The people that handle what music is gonna be used for a TV show or movie are called music supervisors.

Once you get to know some of them, they will more likely listen to what you have if you can establish a solid relationship with them. Sometimes they pay a flat rate and along with that you will get performance royalty money through ASCAP or BMI, but generally you may only get performance royalties. If you have multiple placements out this money can add up fast.

One way to try and get placements is to subscribe to the Hollywood Reporter online. They have a list of TV shows and movies that are currently in production. They generally list the names of the companies producing them too so you can call and ask how to get in contact with the music supervisor of that particular project. Keep trying and never give up and things will happen.

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