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What is a mechanical license in music?

Many artists do not understand what the different licenses are in music. The main ones are a mechanical license,performing rights license and a synchronization license. Here is what they do.

Mechanical license
A mechanical license gives a record company or other party the right to reproduce your song onto a record. So for each CD they manufacture, you should get a fee.
Many songwriters or their music publishers use the Harry Fox Agency to negotiate and issue their mechanical licenses, and to collect the corresponding license fees.

Performing rights license
Any time your music is performed in public you are entitled to receive a royalty. This includes radio, television, bars, clubs and more. This is where ASCAP and BMI come in to collect the fees owed to you from these places.

Synchronization license
With a synchronization license, you are letting someone use your song with visual images such as a commercial, film, video, television show or other audiovisual production.

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  1. You can also get mechanical licenses for any song at www.songclearance.com.


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