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We need different topics to sing or rap about!

It seems like the music we hear everyday by popular artists is the same old story recycled over and over again. The songs that are big usually have a twist to them that made them popular. Most likely it is the music behind it. I cannot tell you how many Hip-Hop songs I hear that talk about the same old stuff but are number one hits. The beat is most likely what draws people to the track the most. How many times do you really vibe with a song and you can even sing along to it but you really do not know what the song is about? Happens all the time to the average listener. If you really want to stand out as an artist, write lyrics about things you experience. Make them very original and different from anything anyone else has heard. Sing or rap about experiences you have been through that other people can vibe to. In the end you want a song that is timeless. A song that they can play 10 years from now and it would sound just as good if you released it then. So if you have stellar and original songwriting plus a beat that everyone can vibe to plus subject matter everyone can relate to, you will have a classic hit.

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