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USB Microphone: AKG Perception 120

Many musicians are against USB microphones because they think the sound is not as good as a phantom powered microphone. Sometimes that is true but with the new AKG Perseption 120 USB Mic, you will be blown away by how great it sounds. It is ready to go when you plug it into your computer. It has a switchable pad for use if you are recording loud instruments. Sounds pretty good on vocals too. It excels with podcasters, voice-over recordings and instrument recording. It retails for around $150.
For more info visit AKG here.

Here are the facts:
*Plug-and-play USB microphone (no installation, no drivers, no reboot required)
*Supports Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Mac OS
*Integrated high-quality A/D Converter (24-bit) for convincing sound quality and low noise

*Condenser capsule with a low-mass diaphragm delivers sonic details
*Switchable bass-cut filter reduces mechanical vibration and wind noise
*Switchable attenuation pad for close-up miking and loud instruments
*Blue LEDs indicate operation
*Integrated pop filter avoids plosives effectively
*Tripod table stand, swivel mount and USB cable included
*Designed and engineered in Vienna, Austria

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