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Songwriting tips and song structure

Writing a song can be easy when it just flows right out of you but at other times it can be very frustrating when you have writers block. Think of a subject you want to write about and you can take from your own personal experiences that others can relate to. Once you have a good idea then it usually just comes easy. It is also a good idea to keep either a small pen and pad with you or a small digital recorder so if you get a great idea, you can easily take note of it for future use.

When writing a song there is a basic song structure that you can follow and change how you want.
The structure to follow is:
In most songs there is a music intro before the first verse. Typically 4 to 8 bars.

The verse generally comes next. Depending on what genre of music you are writing, sometimes there is a 4 bar chorus before a first verse.

The bridge is generally a 4 bar gateway to the chorus. It has a bit more energy than the verse and leads perfectly into the chorus. Not all genres do this. It is really never done in Hip-Hop but sometimes it is. This is typically done in Pop, R&B, Country and Rock.

The chorus is the generally 4 to 8 bars depending on your genre.

The second verse will come next and the process repeats without the intro.
Most Hip-Hop songs will just be intro, verse, chorus, verse, chorus and so on.
Sometimes it is Intro, chorus, verse, chorus, verse and so on.
Other genres will go intro, verse, chorus, verse, bridge, chorus.

It really is up to you but it is nice to know the basic song structure that you can start out with and build from there. Most lyrics will rhyme. There is help for that.
There is a free rhyming dictionary online here.

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