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Optical Compressor/Limiter by Chameleon 7802

This 2 channel optical tube compressor and Limiter is a wonderful piece of gear to have in your studio. It is made with top notch components. What makes optical compressors special is the unique sound they put out because a light source and sensor are there to control the gain reduction. The unique properties of these devices cause the gain cell to react in ways because of certain time lags that occur, which cause the attack and release characteristics of the compressor to be very pleasing in a way many engineers prefer over other types of compressors. You would have to actually test one out to see what I mean. They retail for over $750.00.
For more info visit Chameleon Labs here.

Here are the facts:
  • Two channel opto-isolation tube compression
  • Stereo linkable channels
  • Vactrol optical electronics
  • Hand selected 12AX7 tube with drive control
  • Five position attack/release selector
  • Two position ratio switch (2:1 and 4:1)
  • Highpass filter switch for compressor side chain (6dB/octave roll off, 3dB down @ 90Hz)
  • Output control to set the overall output level
  • LED metering of input and clip levels
  • VU metering of compression
  • XLR-balanced inputs
  • XLR transformer-balanced outputs
  • External, in-line power supply
  • One year warranty included

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