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Has being a musician lost it's charm?

I remember back in the days there was something special about being a recording artist. In the 80's there were cassettes and if you had an album recorded and it was on a professionally manufactured cassette, it was something special. Then when CD's came around it was even better. I remember the first CD I had made of my music with full color printing on the disk and the whole color CD "retail ready" package with a bar code and everything. Holding my finished product was special because not everyone could do something like that. Recording back then was expensive and manufacturing 1,000 CD's was really expensive as well. If you had a finished product like that of your music it usually meant you were signed to some kind of label or you were really serious about your music to want to spend a ton of dough and time on it. These days everything is too easy.
There are hardly any studios anymore because digital recording has made home studios affordable. Pretty much anyone with $1500 can become a studio engineer and music producer now. As far as the magic of having a full album manufactured on CD? It is not as special anymore. Artists are either releasing mixtapes now, which are burned CD's stuffed into cheap slim jewel cases or we just release out music digitally only. Don't get me wrong, the digital age is wonderful but it just seems like there are a zillion wannabe musicians now. Everybody raps or everyone I know is in some kind of band. The cost of recording and releasing music ha went down dramatically. The magic is somewhat gone in my eyes.
What do you think?

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