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Best places to sell your music

As a recording artist you have many options on where to sell your music online or in traditional stores. There are many options for doing it online such as Tunecore. They are a digital distributor and can get your music listed at itunes, Amazon and more. If your release is going to be digital and traditional CD's then you can try and get them in actual stores. One way to do this is by selling them on consignment in smaller chains and "mom and pop" style stores. Consignment simply means the store will put your CD in your store and you will collect money after they sell. Most stores will give you a contract stating how many you are putting in the store and at what price. Of course they get a cut of the sales. It is smart to draw up your own basic contract as well just in case the store does not offer one. You can try and get them in bigger chains but it is tough if you are not either a successful indie artist or a major. You would have to call the main office for that chain and find out who deals with purchasing music. Good Luck!
Below is a link to check out Tunecore.

TuneCore Music Distribution of Your Own Music

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