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Writing a business plan for a CD release

Every business needs a business plan. This plan is an outline of your plans and goals including product, marketing and finances. When you are about to release CD is would be smart to sit down and write a music business plan and you should follow it to a tee and revise it when needed. The reasons you would write a plan is that it will give a true outline of how you plan on selling your music. Also, if you plan on trying to get funding to release your music, a bank will want a business plan.

The basic outline of a business plan for music is as follows.

1. Executive Summary

2. Products and Services

3. Marketing Plan

4. Promotion

5. Management Plan

6. Financial Plan

The executive summary is basically a summary of what your goal is for this CD release.

Products and services will describe the product you will be selling (your CD).

The marketing plan is what type of people you want to sell to and where. Examples would be that you wanted to target people worldwide ages 18 to 35. It will also explain where you will be selling your music (Online, stores and at shows) and how much you will sell it for and more.

Your promotional plan should describe how you plan on promoting the CD. This includes radio, performances, CD signings, getting reviews in newspapers and shooting a music video.

The management plan will give you a breakdown on everyone on your team and how they will help you achieve success with selling your music. This will include any members of your band or group, managers, publicists, street team people and more.

The financial part will outline how much of budget you are working with and how many CD's and or downloads you will need to break-even and make a profit. You should outline all costs of manufacturing, recording and production and promotion as well. Using a spreadsheet always helps.

Putting this plan together will really put things in perspective and will help you immensely.

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