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Music producer contract samples and templates

When working with any artist you should use a contract whether they are unsigned or with a major label. Music producer contracts are important.
Depending how popular they are you should do the following:

Unsigned local artist
-State in the contract you want all money to be paid upfront.

Indie artist
-State in the contract that all money is paid upfront and if the song or album sells a certain amount of units, then you should receive a percentage of the royalties. Also, be sure to get a percentage of publishing royalties with radio , TV and movie licensing.

Major Artist
-Ask for Upfront fee and publishing income. You can negotiate if you will get royalties for units sold. Usually producers who producer more than just one song on the album will get these royalties.

If you are writing up the contract yourself you can find music producer contacts that you can edit to your own agreement here.

If dealing with someone who has a decent fan following then always get a lawyer to look over the contract. Be smart. Music is 90% business and 10% show.

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