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How to mix vocals

Here are some vocal mixing tips!
Mixing vocal tracks may seem hard but it really is not that bad. The first thing you have to understand is that you must get a solid vocal recording from the start. All the mixing in the world will not correct a bad vocal recording. So make sure you get a good vocal track and stay out of the red zone so there is no distortion. Now that you have good vocal tracks you want to them to sit right in the mix amongst all the other instruments. Take all your vocals tracks and pull the sliders down so you cannot hear them. Then slowly bring them up one by one until they sound good with all the other instruments. Of course do this after you add compression and EQ to your taste. You can also add a small bit of reverb to your vocals to give them a fuller sound. This trick works with any genre from Hip-Hop to Country. Do not be afraid to use some reverb.
You want the vocals to have a solid presence but not too overpowering. Listen to the mix at different levels to see if you can still hear the vocals clearly. Listen to the mix in headphones to see how the vocals sit in the mix. Get a second opinion as well. A fresh pair of ears can never hurt.

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