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Pro Tools 9 Tips and Tricks

Pro Tools 9 is wonderful software and an industry standard. One of the biggest Pro Tools 9 tips I can give is save constantly to back up your work. Here are a few more.


Any Audio, MIDI, or Instrument track can have any number of play-lists holding different takes, different edits and different versions you may have recorded and then deleted. It is useful if you want to go back to an old take you didn't initially like.

Always label your Pro Tools tracks and Aux tracks. It looks more pro and it is so much easier to see what is going on when mixing.

Use groups! It saves so much time when mixing down a song. A session with well grouped tracks allows you to mute, solo, edit whole sections of drums, guitars or background vocals.\

Clean Tracks
After recording a track always clean up and delete any extra noise you do not need in there.
There is a feature called "Strip Silence" that will do this for you quick.

Ctrl Commands
Learn to use your Ctrl commands and Alt commands. They will save you so much time.

Save processing power by bussing all vocal tracks to one Aux track that has EQ and compression on it instead of putting EQ and compression on each individual vocal track.

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