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Do you understand music publishing?

This is a very confusing subject. Let me explain how song revenue is split up.
There are two parts; the writer’s share, and then the Publisher’s share. So, for 100% of all publishing revenues that a particular song generates, it will be 50% for the songwriter(s), and 50% for the publisher(s). If you are looking to sign a publishing deal keep in mind there are many types.
There are standard publishing deals where the writer and publisher generally split all income 50/50. There are co-publishing deals where the songwriter has his/her own publishing company and they split revenue with another publishing company. Many times if a song writer signs a deal with a publishing company, they get an advance that will be recouped eventually.
See writers look for publishing deals to get there songs placed with other artists who then record them and release them.
Once you have a song out, you can make decent money from a mechanical license which is money collected from the record company that presses and makes the song public.
The publisher gets around 9 cents per copy that is manufactured.
Then of course there are performance royalties that ASCAP and BMI collect and distribute to writers and publishers for the performance of a song through radio, movies, television, bars, clubs and more. It is a lot to understand but easier than you think.

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