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Cubase Artist 6 Music Production Software

This will give you the tools to produce awesome tracks. Cubase Artist 6 comes loaded with a suite of over 40 virtual processors and effects, 5.1 surround sound mixing, six virtual instruments and more. It is beyond your typical digital audio workstation.
I t retails for around $250.00. For more info visit Steinberg Cubase here.

Here are the facts:
  • Includes many of the core features of the full Cubase 6
  • Number of audio tracks: 64
  • Number of MIDI tracks: 128
  • Number for instrument tracks: 32
  • Physical inputs and outputs: 32
  • Group channels: 32
  • FX send channels: 8
  • FX return channels: 64
  • VST audio effect insert slots: 8
  • MIDI effect insert slots: 4
  • VST instrument slots: 32
  • Number of mixer views: 1
  • Number of included MIDI effect plug-ins: 18
  • Number of included audio effect plug-ins: 41
  • Number of included VST instruments: 6
  • Number of included instrument sounds: 1.122
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