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Save money and build your own rack mount!

By building your own rack mount box you can save yourself a couple hundred dollars. All you really need is the following:
  • 3/8" Interior Plywood (1/2 4'x8' sheet for one rack)
  • 8' 1"x1" pine board strips
  • 1" sheetrock or wood screws.

EITHER: Pre-drilled rack rails & matching mounting screws OR standard shelving rails & 1/4" furring strips.

  • 1/4" machine screws (with big heads)
  • 1/4" screw tap & matching drill bits
  • Saw, drill, tape measure, screwdriver and/or screw bits for the drill.
Make sure you make the rack box deep enough to contain the rack gear and cables in the back.
For width, rack units are 19 inches wide, but you want to add a 1/4" or so for some slack on the sides. For height a single-up rack unit is 1 3/4" high.
To make a sturdy box, use screws. Don't get screws that are too long, or screws will stick through the wood all over the place. If you're using 3/8" plywood, get screws no longer than one inch. You can make your own rack rails or buy them pre done. Just do a Google search online.
You should be able to get all this done for around $50.

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