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Do you need a vocal booth to get good vocal recordings?

In pro studios you always see a separate vocal booth. With home studios becoming more and more normal, people are finding you do not need a separate booth all of the time. The only "advantage" of a vocal booth is separation, which is ideal if you are recording a band and vocals at the same time. This way the band will not bleed into the mic of the vocalist. Otherwise just a nice sounding room will get you a decent vocal recording. I would just make sure the room you are using to record vocals does not have a ton of echo or outside noise coming in. Obviously you want a good clear vocal recording so this is important. If you record vocals in a small room such as the size of a closet that is not treated for sound it can be a bad thing. A small room has early reflections that blend in way too closely with the direct tone and have a way of destroying the tone of the vocals.
So bottom line if you do not have a professionally treated vocal booth then don't worry about it. You can cut a decent vocal in any room that is not too small.

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