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Should you trademark your band or artist name?

If you are wondering if you should trademark your name then the answer is yes!

If you fail to trademark your band or artist name, another band or artist with the same name could trademark it and stop me from using it.
See, many artists and bands decide to wait until they have achieved some career milestone before registering a trademark for their name. This is not a good idea if you are trying to make a career out of your music.
If you are serious about your music, get the trademark and treat it like a business.

It is expensive but
worth the money! First you must do a formal search of the name you want to trademark and see if it is being used elsewhere and this will cost around $500. The actually trademark is $350 and lawyer fees can run around $1,000.
You can do it a bit cheaper without a lawyer at sites like Legal Zoom. For more info check out LegalZoom.com today.

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