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Antares Mic Modeler EFX Plug-In

This is an amazing product. You can make any mic sound like a really high end microphone.
Here is how easy it is. You load the Mic Modeler Plug-in up on a vocal track and you tell it what type of mic you are using,what pattern it is set to and how close it is to the vocalist or any other source. Then you tell the Plug-In what mic you want it to sound like and the effect is amazing. It uses special Spectral Shaping Tool Technology that replicates the sound of expensive high end microphones. Make it sound like a high end tube condenser or a old school ribbon microphone.
The plug-in retails for around $130. Of course I would rather have the real deal expensive microphones but this is a temporary solution for your budget.

Here is a list of microphones you can make yours sound like.
AKG C12A; C414; C414B/ULS Limited Edition Gold; C414B/ULS Modified by Audio Upgrades; 460B/CK61-ULS; D112; C1000S; D790; C3000; C4000B
Alesis AM61
Audio-Technica ATM-11; ATM-31; AT853Rx; AT3525; AT4047/SV; AT4033a/SM; AT4050; AT4055; AT4060
Audix D4; OM2; OM3-xb; OM5
B&K 4007
beyerdynamic M-500 Limited Edition Classic; MC-834; CK-703
Brauner VM1
CAD Equitek E100; Equitek E200; Equitek E350; C400s; VSM1; 95Ni
Coles 4038
Groove Tubes MD1
Earthworks Z30x; TC30K
ElectroVoice N/D357; PL20
Lawson L47MP
Manley Labs Reference Gold
MicroTech Gefell UM 800
Neumann U47; U 87; U 87 70th Anniversary Gold Edition; M 149; TLM 193; KM 184; TLM103
Oktava MC-012; MK-319
Rode NT1; NT2; NTV
Royer R-121
Sennheiser MD421; MD441; E609; E835S
Shure Beta 52; Beta 57A; Beta 87A; Beta 98D/S; SM7A; SM57; SM58; SM81; SM98A; KSM32; VP88 Sony C800G; C48; C37P
Sony C37P; C48; C800G; C800G(w)
Telefunken U-47 (Original Tube)

For more info visit Antares here.

Here are the facts:
  • Antares's patented Spectral Shaping Tool technology transforms the sound of your mic
  • Simple controls let you specify the mic you're using and the one you want it to sound like
  • Great for both studio recording and live sound
  • Take control of each mic's specific options (pickup pattern, highpass filter, proximity, tube saturation, and more
  • RTAS, AU, and VST format
  • Compatible with both Mac and PC computers
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