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Songwriting 101

When writing a song try and write about something you have experienced in life and make it entertaining. Write something your audience can relate to. Emotion is huge when writing a good song. There are different ways to write a good song. It depends if you are trying to write a hit "Pop" type record or something with actual substance. If you think about it, artists that write songs with real subject matter are the ones that usually have longevity in music. People that write "meaningless" songs are the ones we probably will not hear from next year.
Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with having one hit single with lyrics that have no subject matter and that is written as a dance tune. Even so some artists like a Lady Gaga can still write a dance record and there are some substance to her lyrics.
If you keep writing songs with no good subject matter then you are less likely to produce songs that real people can relate to and fell emotion over because that what it is all about. People want music to move them. They want songs that are timeless that that can play and it makes them remember an event or a certain age they were.
This goes for any genre from Hip-Hop to Rock.


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