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Should your Album be on CD or just digital download?

This is a question on many artists and bands minds now. Going the traditional route of releasing an album on CD and digital download is great but more expensive because of the cost to manufacture a CD. Releasing music on digital download only is wonderful because it is cheap without the overhead of manufacturing a disc and your profit margin is greater. I think if you tour a lot then selling actual CD's at your shows is wonderful if you have the fan base for it.
If you ask music listeners they say one of the advantages to buying a hard copy of an album is they enjoyed having the cover art, liner notes, lyrics, and inside photos.
Many people do not realize that when you download most albums on itunes, you actually can have access to the liner notes, photos and more.
I think eventually the CD will die out. Most people have some form of a mp3 player and you can even play them in through your car stereo. It is nice to not have to carry around a case with CD's in it.
Regardless I still think hardcore fans of an artist or group will still want a hard copy of a CD.

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