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Other careers in music

So you want to be a recording artist. Sounds wonderful but getting a major recording contract is like hitting the lottery these days. You could do the independent route but unless you have some money and are willing to tour the country constantly, then you probably will not make much money.
Here is a list of other realistic jobs you could find in the music and recording industry.

Music management--This could be a fun job if you are willing to bust your ass. managers generally do everything for an artist or band and you must get shows booked and more. If you have a major artist or even an indie artists who is really popular, you could get a nice percentage of what they pull in.

Music Education--Of course this job you will have to have a college degree to pursue. You could teach your own class on music theory, music recording and more at a college.

Recording Engineer --There are not a ton of big recording studios out there anymore and the jobs that are available are locked down by one guy. The way to go for this would be to open up your own studio or get a very nice Pro Tools recording gig in your home and record people from there. I have known guys that do this who make 80 grand a year. It is long hours and musicians are always late for sessions but it could pay off. You must know your stuff on mixing and microphone set up.

Live sound--There are still jobs out there for doing live sound. You could look at local clubs that do live performances or try bigger stadiums. The bigger places most likely will deal with union workers so find out all you can. You have have to have knowledge of mixing live sound and how to mic instruments.

Jingles and voice-over work--There is good money in both of these. Writing jingles can be fun. You would need the help of a music publisher or an agent to help get this kind of work so you can get your jingles placed in commercials and to get auditions for voice-over work.

Radio Stations--Getting a job at a radio station is fairly easy. You just need to go to a broadcasting school to get the skills you need. It can be exciting working for radio. Unless you are a really popular Dj or the program director, it probably doesn't pay as much as you think.

Songwriting and Producing--Songwriting is extremely lucrative if you can get a hit on your hands. You generally need a publisher to help get your songs placed but if you get an artists to make that song a hit you could be looking at huge royalties. Same for a producer.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more jobs out there.

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