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Mixing your song for radio play!

When you start to get radio play, you want your music to sound great! If you mix and master your own music then mix it so it sounds good! Use your ears and you can even listen to some major hit songs through your studio monitors and reference from that.
Different radio stations have different setups and use compression, there's no one way to mix for them all. If you mix it well enough, it will sound good on the radio.
Don't over do it on the high or low end, and you'll be fine. Radio stations also compress the hell out of the music that they are playing so try not to use too much compression or your mix will sound tinny of the radio. If you do not have a ton of experience mastering, then hire a professional. It is well worth the money. Most songs on the radio are loud! The people that master try and make your sound as loud as possible without distorting. If you are not experienced with this then it is wise to have someone do it who is.
Just do your best with mix! Practice makes perfect.

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