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Make sure you have a proper press kit for your CD release

When releasing a CD you generally will send copies of it to newspapers, magazines, Deejays and more for reviews and articles. All this is free press and is greatly needed. Make sure you have a well put together press kit. Here are the basics.

1. An 8 by 10 photo of yourself or your band.
Black and white is the classic look but color will work as well. The photo should have your name printed at the bottom and your contact info.

2. A short bio
Write up a short bio about your music career. Nothing too long. Get right to the point.

3. Your CD
Send your CD and do not send it with the plastic shrink wrap on it still. Press people and Deejays have to go through tons of Cd's per day so you can ease the pain by taking the shrink wrap off for them ahead of time.

Take all the above and put it in a nice blank folder that you can find at any office store. This keeps everything together and looks professional.

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