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Mac Vs PC: Which is better for your studio?

If you are looking to buy a powerful computer for use in your recording studio then you may come to a point where you are either considering a Mac or a PC. Both have pros and cons.
PCs are cheaper than Macs and unlike Macs, they are upgradeable. So they're cheaper both short and long term. Mac has better integration than PCs since Macintosh creates both the hardware and the software. People tend to think a Mac is faster than a PC but this is not always true. You can tweak a PC to run faster. A PC has tons of different manufacturers making parts and software for it that problems tend to arise. With Mac all the parts come from Apply so there are less problems. You just cannot upgrade a Mac like you can a PC.
Macs do not get viruses like a PC can. Both computers can run Pro Tools and Cubase but some other software like Fruity Loops and Sonar are exclusive to PC.
Macs tend to run quieter than a PC does which is good in any studio situation.
All in all it is up to you and what you feel comfortable working on. Go to a store and try both out or try a friends out.

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