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BMI or Ascap? Which is better for you?

It is very important that you register your music with one of the publishing societies that track performances of your music and they make sure you get paid. Now they both have pros and cons, they are generally both pretty good.
ASCAP is great if you are touring with or are one of the top 100
grossing bands. You make big bucks.
BMI is better for music placement tracking than ASCAP.
Something that is positive for most indie artists.
Many independent artists I know seem to think ASCAP doesn't really pay enough attention to the independents. They also say their tracking system is not that great for radio play. I have heard pretty good things about BMI. Some say they pay faster and they also pay higher in certain categories such as TV performances.
SEASAC is the society overseas in Europe and I heard good things about them.
The main thing to do is read over both companies policies and go from there.


  1. I have been with ASCAP for years. No problems

  2. ASCAP offer tons of nice perks for being member. Not sure if BMI does the same.

  3. I've been with ASCAP for quite a while, no problems.

  4. ASCAP employees promised me all sorts of career assistence,One guy, invited me to Nashville for a session and then pretended he'd never said that.(Ralph), then a former publisher/ASCAP employee- invited me for a consultation in LA and then poof- never came though not even a basic biz protocol phone call.ASCAP hasnt paid me a dime(owes me royalties)USA/ Australia.commercial radio and college.
    Doesnt have my music listed on site properly and is missing a bunch of my song registrations.Luckily I have copies.. and has never gotten back to me with queries/ complaints.Dissed me on appointments & doesnt have "Indie"Genre.They offered me "audio portrait" way back when and then reneged saying I didnt have a big enuf label....!!I was too busy and let it slide, conflict is not my bag- cuz music is my thing not the biz(oops)but OY Im switching to BMI(have friends who swear by it!)

  5. I love BMI, get direct deposits into my bank account all the time!


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