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Advertise your music with t-shirts!

Merchandising is a great way to promote your music and if you are popular enough, you could make some money by selling t-shirts at shows.
If you decide to get t-shirts made, be creative with the design. Make it look like something people will want to wear just for the "cool" factor. Include your website on the shirt. Wear them anywhere you can. Stickers are also still pretty huge with fans. They are fairly cheap to get made too.
If you have a decent following then you could sell CD's and t-shirts at shows. Generally stock Lg and X-Lg size shirts. I wouldn't worry about mediums or smalls unless you core audience are women. Just be creative. Put your band name and website on lighters and either give them away as promotional items or sell them on tour. Lighters with custom print on them are pretty cheap to produce these days.


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